Dualebike will help you feel better and be in good shape.

Dual task

It consists of the simultaneous performance of two tasks that can be performed independently, measured separately, and that have different objectives. Every day people face hundreds of dual tasks.

What does Dualebike mean?

Cognitive stimulation

Attention and perception

Calculation and planning

Processing speed

Learning and memory

Understanding and decision making

Physical exercise

Psychomotor coordination

Muscle toning

Joint mobility

Cardiovascular exercise

Control of overweight

How we apply the dual task technique

Dualebike synchronizes pedaling with the activity on the screen. It is a new interactive digital platform composed of a pedaling equipment, a hand joystick and an audiovisual system.


“Our brain is used to doing two things at the same time, but when we do it, the individual capacity for each task decreases and this worsens as we age or in the face of a neurological disease (parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, stroke, brain damage…)”


Manuel Murié

Doctor of medicine, specialist in neurology and fellowship in neurorehabilitation