Play and move around the screen at the speed you pedal while driving with the
hand joystick.

Play and compete

3,2,1… now! You can play and compete with your roommates.

Start the countdown and play to be the one who solves the most.

Break all the records.


Enjoyable and comfortable

With Dualebike you will increase your pedaling time and the benefits it brings you.

Pedaling time Benefit
10 minutes Improved muscle, circulation and joints.
20 minutes Strengthening the immune system.
30 minutes Improved cardiac function.
40 minutes Improved resistance capacity.
50 minutes Metabolism activation.
60 minutes Loss of body weight, stress reduction and general well-being.

Games available

Card solitaires

Different varieties of solitaire that you can combine with different types of decks.

Build jigsaws

You can choose the number and shape of the pieces and customize the design.

Form sayings

Join words to complete sayings of different levels of difficulty.

Practice and win

Get the applause

Earn new fish for the fish tank